Paired wedding rings

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most crucial moments in preparing for a wedding. After all, then you will have to wear it for many years, and you want it to be of high quality and practical. Today, the choice of wedding jewelry is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to decide on the first try. Girls are looking for unusual models, and often opt for such an accessory as paired wedding rings.


Paired wedding rings are products made in the same style. It can be the same material, design or finish. Most often, the rings differ only in size.

However, there are those who, at first glance, are completely different from each other. Such rings are especially interesting – the designer’s concept is to emphasize how different a man and a woman can be.

Paired rings also have a certain amount of symbolism – it is believed that relationships in marriage will be stronger. For many newlyweds, this is not just jewelry, but an indicator of love and mutual fidelity. Such rings will immediately tell others how much the spouses appreciate and respect each other.

Despite the fact that paired accessories are no longer a novelty, they continue to make a great impression on guests and wedding participants. This is the easiest way to emphasize how important love and trust are in a marriage.

Wedding couple rings can be divided into two types – wedding and engagement rings.



These are just those familiar rings that a couple exchanges at a wedding. Subsequently, jewelry must be worn constantly, because it is a symbol of true love. But there are many couples who want to go through the wedding ceremony and enter into a marriage blessed and approved by the Church. Here, a completely different type of rings is used – wedding.

Wedding rings do not recognize coexistence with other jewelry, so you will have to wear it exclusively on the ring finger. Such rings are very simple and discreet, they lack large stones and rich decor. Wedding models can be purchased both in the jewelry store and in the church. True, it is worth remembering that church rings do not have an extensive assortment.


The engagement is the first indicator that the couple’s relationship is more than serious. An engagement ring is presented to girls with whom they want to forever connect their lives. There are also very convenient sets with two rings at once – engagement and wedding. The most common option is a small piece of gold, trimmed with a large stone. They wear such a ring on the ring finger over the wedding ring.


There are many models of wedding rings – from modest classic to great design solutions. Which ring to choose, each couple decides on their own, it all depends on taste and jewelry preferences.


Despite the wide selection of modern and unusual wedding rings, the classics are still the most popular among newlyweds. These are, as a rule, products with a smooth surface, not burdened with abundant decor. Often choose the most simple rings without stones or diamond facets. Paired identical rings, whose difference is only in size, have proven themselves excellently.

Jewelry stores are ready to offer their customers a variety of forms of products. It can be wide rings, narrow, medium-width models. The choice of jewelry depends on the thickness and length of the finger, as well as on the personal decision of the couple.

Many now buy “twin rings” in different colors. For example, the bride does not really like yellow gold, and the groom does not want to wear a silver ring. The compromise is simple – choose different color schemes.

Rings, at first glance, made in different styles, are very beautiful. Any good jeweler will be able to take on such work and prepare accessories for the wedding.

It happens that the newlyweds can not come to a common decision and choose completely different types of rings. The bride often gets a delicate ring with diamonds, while the groom opts for a simple ring or a massive signet. However, even such couples would like there to be some common element that unites the rings. There is a way out of this situation – engraving or inlay will help here. Add beautiful words, your spouse’s name, or a great love quote to a classic model and the rings will take on a whole new look.


Modern wedding rings include, first of all, luxurious models richly decorated with precious stones. Such rings are most often wide, and the stones can be located either in the center or serve as a cut.

Double rings are also very popular, consisting of two types of metal, most often white and yellow gold. There are also quite bold options, for example, finishing the ring with black stones. Such decisions are usually made by strong-willed ladies who do not believe in the signs and symbolism of the rings – after all, no one associates the black color with a wedding.

Rings with movable inserts look interesting. Such elements can be moved and rotated, which in itself is very original. It is believed that such rings show a good alternative to the established life and marriage routine. They symbolize the dynamics, movement, internal development and growth of both spouses.

One of the most unusual solutions is a ring with a lover’s fingerprint. These models are exceptionally unique, there simply cannot be another one like it.

Among the most exclusive wedding rings, there are other striking decorations. Drawings in the form of animals, a musical key, flowers, hearts – all this can be made to order or bought ready-made.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the shape of jewelry, which can be not only round. Unusual accessories in the form of stars, the sign of infinity, crowns are well suited to romantic and creative natures.

This also includes the most delicate openwork rings, a real work of art.

Fans of homework will be able to choose exquisite models in the form of a nut, gear or bolt.

There are also lovely rough products, rings with an interesting print in the form of leaves and trees, as well as concave models for an amateur.


When producing engagement rings, jewelers use the three most common and classic metals – gold, silver and platinum. Of course, you can find other materials such as steel or jewelry alloy. But they are chosen very rarely and mostly by those people who really appreciate originality and personal freedom, not only in product design.


Gold rings are an unsurpassed classic that will always be fashionable. Most often choose products from yellow gold, the most popular precious metal. As for the quality, the jewelers say that the 585 sample is the best option. It is durable, resistant to external stimuli, rarely breaks and bursts. Such a sample consists of approximately 60% gold, the rest is impurities and alloys.

White gold is a type of metal that is increasingly seen on young girls.

Rings made of such gold look very delicate and elegant, especially if they are decorated with precious stones.

But older women love red gold, because this material is a sign of luxury and high social status. There is also rose gold, which looks great in combination with other types of metal. One of the most exquisite and beautiful compositions is a double ring made of white and rose gold.


It is difficult to overestimate the popularity of gold in the manufacture of pairs of wedding rings, however, there are couples who love only silver. Such metal is a very democratic, inexpensive option, and it is for this reason that few people prefer to see it at a wedding. But do not forget that in ancient times, wedding rings were precisely silver. Such products were considered real amulets that could protect the newly-made family from negativity and troubles.

Nevertheless, silver rings still exist, and the range is quite large. You can choose both classic and designer options. For those couples who do not have large financial capital, but want to purchase beautiful models, jewelers offer gilding. Externally, gilded rings will not differ from their natural counterparts, and the price will please.

Those who love mythology can be advised to buy Slavic paired rings – talismans for a subsequent happy life.


Platinum rings are the most expensive option of all. Such a metal is very rare, it is difficult to process, which explains its cost. Usually it is chosen in two cases – the love of luxury and the inability to wear gold.

The first option is absolutely understandable, many girls want their ring to be the most beautiful and richest, to wear it all their lives. In the second case, platinum has to be purchased by newlyweds who are allergic to gold, but do not want to wear silver jewelry.

Platinum rings are considered among the strongest, they can even be passed down from generation to generation. They never cause allergic reactions and are very easy to care for. Rings with engraving and carving, as well as decorated with small stones, look beautiful.


Diamond rings are the almost unanimous choice of girls who love gemstones. In paired rings, two versions of this stone will be amazingly combined – white for the bride, and black for the groom. The size can also be different – from a simple diamond “track” to a large-sized stone.

The triple combination of pebbles also looks interesting – this is often chosen by girls who are somewhere in the middle between classic and unusual.

Ruby rings are very fond of impulsive and creative personalities, because red means love and passion. As for sapphires, they are ideally combined with white gold and silver. Such a stone of cold blue color symbolizes peace and stability.

A noble rich emerald will suit those who appreciate patience and long-term investments. Lower-priced solutions are rings with jasper and Swarovski crystals.


Bronnitsky jewelry factory

A manufacturer that rightfully deserves the best reviews. Products of this brand were valued in the last century, and the availability of good equipment and excellent craftsmen allowed the brand to produce perfect jewelry.

Wonderful wedding rings, combining antiquity and modernity, are the manufacturer’s “horse”. Interesting design, unusual shapes and colors, delicate finishes – all this can be seen in the new collections of the Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory.

Jasper gold

Another brand specializing in the production of high-quality gold and silver jewelry. The trademark began its activities in 1998 and since then has firmly strengthened its position. Almost all jewelry has a 585 gold standard. The manufacturer often pleases with collection novelties, in which you can find both paired classic rings and original design solutions.

Kostroma Jewelry Factory

The plant has long gained a lot of fans who appreciated the quality and beauty of its products. Moreover, the models of this brand are not too overpriced, you can buy interesting and budget novelties. Among the wide range of paired rings, there are classic smooth models, jewelry with small and large stones, interesting prints and decor, rings made of two types of metal.


A good manufacturer whose principles are elegance and quality is the Walter Jewelry House. Branded rose gold rings are extraordinarily exquisite, their variety will amaze even the most avid jewelry lovers. In addition to such models, the brand produces interesting classic and modern versions of rings. You can also please yourself with exclusive novelties with black and white diamonds.

Golden age

The brand is ready to offer its customers excellent paired rings at reasonable prices. The range is very extensive, will appeal to both lovers of the classics and connoisseurs of originality. The new collections also include wedding and engagement rings, models with carvings and inlays, items with large diamonds.

Kyiv jewelry factory

A great choice for those looking for affordable silver and gold jewelry. There are hundreds of beautiful wedding and engagement ring designs to choose from. Among the fresh collections there are also unique models with colored precious stones – sapphires, emeralds, rubies.

Fashion trends 2022

The proven classics have won the championship in fashion trends this season. Minimalism, so loved by many in clothing, is also transferred to jewelry, which is why so many newlyweds choose classic rings. Products with even, smooth edges that are practical to wear and care are very popular. Thin discreet rings, refined and concise – the number one choice in almost all jewelry stores. Rings made of two metals are also highly valued.

Suddenly, the fashion for silver is back. Beautiful embossed or smooth rings also acquire a considerable number of pairs. Jewelers are only happy about such innovations, since silver is a soft metal, and it is much easier to work with it. Unlike gold rings, silver novelties are relevant in unusual styles and with interesting prints.

Often, newlyweds choose products with inlay, as well as decorated with colored stones.

Unsurpassed rings in the style of “vintage” will be no less fashionable than other models. In recent seasons, this style is reflected not only in jewelry, but also in clothes and home interiors. Of course, jewelers could not bypass him. Grotesque elements, decor in the form of waves, flowers, geometric patterns – this is what the masters are ready to offer as beautiful novelties.

From stones it will be fashionable to choose aquamarine, topaz, emerald, amethyst.

Of the most unusual rings, there is an increase in demand for floral motifs. All kinds of decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, trees are becoming very popular. Unconventional shapes also look interesting – a square, a nut, a braided ring. Such models acquire natures for which self-expression and inner freedom are important.

Selection Tips

When choosing paired wedding rings, the first thing jewelers advise is to do it together. Such an activity brings couples who are worried on the eve of the wedding very close. In addition, it will always be possible to discuss each other’s preferences, and if necessary, find a compromise. It is also useful for girls who are fond of symbolism and astrology to look for information on which stones or metals are right for you.

Before you buy a ring, you should decide what you still want. Will it be classic or original? Remember that the jewelry will have to be worn for a lifetime, so it should suit you as much as possible. It is advisable to try on a variety of models and stay in them for at least a few minutes. This will help you make a choice and understand whether this is your ring or not.

It is not recommended to choose a jewel in extreme cold or heat. If you just got very cold, then the fingers may narrow and then it turns out that the ring is difficult to put on. In hot weather, there will be the opposite effect – the fingers may swell, especially after drinking a lot of water. If, nevertheless, the weather is out of bounds, and the ring needs to be chosen urgently, do not take it back to back, otherwise such a purchase in a couple of days can be very upsetting.

The thickness and length of the fingers is one of the main factors to consider when buying a ring. For girls with thin and long fingers, small graceful models, decorated with medium stones or loose ones, are suitable. On full or short fingers, more massive products with large stones will look good. It is not always worth paying attention to how the ring looks on a mannequin or in a shop window – it will always look different on you.

Many couples believe that the easiest solution is to order rings online. However, we must not forget that even if you know your size, this does not guarantee that the new thing will suit you. The ring can easily turn out to be “small” or, upon closer inspection, look completely different from the one in the picture. Therefore, it is better to use the classic method – go to a jewelry store and buy your paired rings on the spot.

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