Platinum rings

Many girls are interested in jewelry, which allows you to decorate the image, add brightness, unusualness and originality. The more expensive the jewelry, the more delight it causes.

Platinum rings are not only attractive, but also practical. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will become a family heirloom, then a platinum ring is an excellent choice.


  • Among precious metals, platinum can rightfully be called the most durable. It is characterized by excellent wear resistance, since it is almost impossible to scratch it. This metal is not deformable.
  • A platinum ring can be passed down from generation to generation without losing its attractive appearance.

  • Platinum is the most expensive precious metal because it has many benefits and is mined very little. For example, compared to gold, it is 13 times less, and it is purer. In the manufacture of jewelry, usually no more than five percent of the alloy is added to platinum, which is responsible for strength. Platinum melts at a temperature 2 times higher than gold, which also applies to its advantages.

What does the color of platinum look like? In appearance, this metal is very similar to white gold and silver, but its clear advantage over these metals is its resistance to yellowing or darkening. The platinum ring is wear-resistant and rarely gets scratched.


But this metal also has some disadvantages. You should be very careful when choosing the size of the ring. Jewelers will not be able to increase the diameter, since platinum is practically not amenable to rolling. It is worth buying a ring that is not too tight. Even if you get better a little, you can continue to wear this jewelry.

Another feature of the metal is its gravity. This scares off many buyers, but if such a ring slips off your hand, then you will definitely notice it.

Variety of models

Many women love platinum rings. Their owners leave only positive feedback. Famous jewelry houses work with this wonderful and beautiful metal, creating a variety of styles and patterns.

“Bless and save”

Many women prefer rings decorated with a religious inscription. Such a piece of jewelry is purchased for everyday wear. Platinum is an ideal choice due to its high quality and reliability.

If we consider rings made of white gold or silver, then the engraving on them quickly disappears, and also small damages become noticeable over time, which affect the attractiveness of the appearance. Silver and white gold require frequent cleaning by jewelers, as the tools at hand rarely do the job.

Platinum is characterized by durability, so the ring will never crack. Believers believe that such a nuisance will definitely bring serious trouble.

The “Save and Save” ring is usually represented by the same type of design. To draw attention to the engraving, the masters use darkening of the place under the inscription. Models with slots between the letters look original and unusual. But due to their elegance and uniqueness, they are more expensive than the usual options.

You can buy an ordinary platinum ring, and then order an inscription on the inside from a jewelry master. The “Save and Save” ring, although it belongs to jewelry, should not be pretentious or bright. The inscription on the ring is addressed to God. This piece of jewelry will be a great gift for a loved one.


Engraving is often used to make a piece of jewelry personal or original. You can decorate your favorite ring with your favorite phrase or quote.

Very often, the initials of a loved one or a beautiful statement about eternal love are put on the rings. To create a family jewelry that can be passed on to your descendants, it is worth engraving the family name on the ring.

But the variety of engravings does not end there. Many girls prefer interesting shapes or patterns. The most sought after is the heart.

Do not forget that there is also a factory engraving. Thanks to modern technologies, the manufacturing process is fully automated. Although such options are cheaper than handmade, it should be borne in mind that the shelf life of the product is reduced.

with filigree

Many girls prefer models with filigree, which look elegant, gentle and original. Filigree is a jewelry technique, thanks to which you can create a variety of openwork patterns.

A platinum filigree ring is liked by stylish girls who show their femininity and style. Such jewelry is made by hand or in factories. It should be borne in mind that handmade jewelry is distinguished by elegance and sophistication. Rings from the factory are characterized by roughness.

with enamel

Platinum rings with enamel look unusual and attractive. It is a glass alloy that is used to create original and unusual patterns. Enamel jewelry is unique because it is made only by hand.

Enamel can be applied to the ring in two ways. The “cold” method allows the coating to dry even at low temperatures. More complex is the “hot” method. Each product requires firing up to 100 times, while the temperature is from 700 to 900 degrees. Jewelry made using this method is much more expensive.

Enamel beautifully sets off the brilliance of precious stones and platinum. Products decorated with transparent enamel look more concise.

It is worth noting that the pattern on the rings, made according to the “hot” method, is more durable and reliable. You can independently check which method was used when applying the enamel. It is enough to touch it with your finger. If the enamel sags slightly, then the “cold” method was used.


Newlyweds very often choose platinum wedding rings for their wedding. Their cost is higher than that of gold models, since platinum is a rarer metal. Many love the practicality and style of these exquisite rings. Engraved options are durable.

Today, white metal is in trend, and this trend includes not only platinum jewelry, but also white gold or silver. Against their background, stones look profitable and interesting. Models with precious stones are often chosen for weddings.

Paired models of wedding jewelry are in great demand. A ring with a divided heart is at the peak of popularity today. Half of this symbol will decorate the wedding ring of every lover.

It is important to emphasize that wedding rings with a half heart do not look funny, since the product has only a notch, and there is no pattern on the figure. The bride’s ring can be decorated with a luxurious diamond or other expensive stone. There are many platinum options on the market today. You can find classic models without inserts or order an original piece from a jeweler.

With gem

Many women’s jewelry items are decorated with precious stones. A ring with a stone usually costs more, but it’s worth it. White metals harmonize wonderfully with minerals of different colors. You can choose a ring with a stone, for example, to match the color of your eyes or your outfit.

The variety of design is surprising, but options with one large stone, which is located in the nest, are in great demand. This solution looks elegant, expensive and stylish. But such jewelry is not suitable for everyday wear, it should be worn for special occasions.

Every girl dreams of having a luxurious diamond ring. Platinum rings with topazes, emeralds or sapphires are very popular. Quite often they buy jewelry adorned with aquamarine, amethyst or agate. Attractive colors of stones will not leave anyone indifferent.

Jewelers create stunning options with stones for older women. They often use jade, jasper, amber and malachite to decorate platinum rings.

If you find it difficult to choose a stone from a huge assortment, you can choose it depending on the characteristics of the zodiac sign or your name. It describes the minerals that will best influence you.

How to choose?

A platinum ring is a residually expensive piece of jewelry, so you should take its choice with all seriousness. Do not make a purchase without trying on. When choosing a ring, you need to take into account the shape of the fingers and the characteristics of your physique. Some models are suitable for some girls, and look ugly on others.

If you decide to order a piece of jewelry from a master, then you should carefully approach his choice. Platinum is not an easy metal, so you need to find a real professional. Only a good specialist will be able to translate into reality all your wishes.

It is important to choose a quality alloy. The ideal solution is an alloy that contains 95 percent platinum. It differs in reliability and durability. You should not immediately buy platinum products at a crazy discount, as you can be deceived at the expense of the alloy. A quality product should have the inscription Plat or 95Plat.

Features of care

Jewelry made of platinum does not require frequent maintenance, since this metal does not lose its original appearance over the years.

If the ring will contain stones, then more frequent cleaning should be considered. Jewelry can be given to the salon or cleaned at home. It is very important to wash the stone under running water and wipe it with a soft cloth from time to time. If the stone is not afraid of alcohol, then it can also be used to clean the stone from dust and dirt.

If the platinum ring contains inserts from other metals, it is worth considering frequent cleaning. Each metal has its own unusual brilliance, so these ring options are not very popular.

If your platinum ring has already darkened, it is worth washing it with detergent, and then rinsing it in warm water. If the product already has scratches, then you should use the help of a high-quality specialist.

It is worth remembering the rules of storage. Platinum should not be stored together with silver or gold. Rings with stones are not recommended to be worn every day, as precious stones lose their original appearance as a result of exposure to sunlight or when interacting with household chemicals.

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