Black diamond - what kind of stone is it, how much does it cost, its types

An exquisite and unique black diamond is considered one of the most mysterious and desirable stones, but due to its high cost, not everyone can afford it. It looks very elegant, which is why it is popular with both women and men.

Black diamond – what is this stone?

The origin of the black diamond is as mysterious as it is. For a long time it was inexplicable. One of the theories is extraterrestrial origin due to the fact that it contains hydrogen. According to scientist Joseph Garay, a black diamond stone is nothing more than a meteorite rock that has been transformed into hard unique diamonds over billions of years. There is another authoritative opinion that says that a black diamond is the most common diamond, which contains graphite or iron.

Black diamond - what is this stoneBlack diamond - what kind of stone is this style

Even among connoisseurs of elite jewelry, many cannot answer the question whether there are black diamonds unambiguously. The fact is that this stone is very rare, and this is the reason for its high cost compared to other, more common types of diamonds. There is a black diamond only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

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Types of black diamonds

This type of diamond is very rare and little known, and for many it is a mystery whether black diamonds exist in nature, or whether they acquire an unusual appearance as a result of special processing. This type of stone is natural, and it comes in two types:

  1. Carbonado. The stone is a polycrystalline formation formed from small minerals soldered together in a finely crystalline base. The dark color of the stone is given by iron compounds and graphite. This structure makes it harder than regular diamond. Carbonado looks like a black, opaque stone.
  2. Natural black diamond in its properties is closer to the usual jewelry stones. It is a black single crystal, which is the result of inclusions of graphite. Jewelers refer to this type of stone as dark gray, dark blue, brown diamonds, the color of which is close to black.
  3. Types of black diamondsTypes of black diamonds fashion

It would seem that the black color is very unambiguous and monotonous, but not in the case of a diamond – diamonds can be of the most diverse, unique shades, which also affect its value. And although a black diamond does not have the radiance that most stones characterize, products with it look luxurious and elegant.

Types of black diamonds designTypes of black diamonds style

How much is a black diamond worth?

Another factor that makes a black diamond very desirable is its cost, which is several times higher than other, more popular types of diamonds. The price is due, first of all, to the fact that the stone is very rare – only in the territory of two countries can it be mined. The second, no less important factor affecting the price is the processing features of black diamond. The stone is a very high hardness and porosity of the stone – only recently, jewelers have learned to cut them with little loss. The price of a quality black diamond reaches 500-600 dollars per carat.

How much is a black diamond worthHow much is a black diamond stone

Black diamond jewelry

Every girl knows how valuable diamond jewelry is – they are considered an indicator not only of amazing taste, but also of social status. Black diamond is many times more valuable than the usual shining stones, and besides, such jewelry, both for women and men, looks very stylish, luxurious and elegant. One of the most popular choices is the black diamond gold ring.

Black diamond jewelryJewelry with black diamond design

Black diamond ring

Graceful and refined black diamond ring is a beautiful and crafted piece of jewelry for both women and men. Such an accessory will add status and elegance to your image, emphasize exceptional taste. Regardless of the size of the stone, the jewelry will fit perfectly into any look, emphasizing femininity and unique taste and attracting attention.

Black diamond ringBlack diamond ring ideas

A black diamond ring in white gold and yellow gold looks equally beautiful and stylish – although the stone does not have the radiance inherent in most diamonds, it has a special zest that gives your look luxury and sophistication. The design of the jewelry can be very different – as a laconic ring with a neat stone, stylized as a classic, or a luxurious eye-catching accessory.

Ring with black diamond styleRing with black diamond design

Earrings with black diamonds

The most common women’s jewelry are earrings, which many begin to wear from early childhood. They emphasize your sophistication and femininity, the right design can emphasize the dignity of your appearance – for example, focus on expressive eyes. It is ideal if the earrings are combined with other jewelry – a bracelet, a pendant, a ring.

Earrings with black diamondsEarrings with black diamonds fashion

Women’s earrings with black diamonds in white gold look very catchy and luxurious, regardless of the size of the item and the stone itself. In second place in popularity are products with black diamond in yellow or rose gold, but they look just as stylish and sophisticated. The design of jewelry can be for every taste – from miniature elegant carnations to long or massive models.

Earrings with black diamonds styleEarrings with black diamonds design

Black diamond pendant

A beautiful female neckline always attracts attention, especially if it is decorated with a stylish and elegant accessory. The most expensive black diamond looks mysterious, bewitching, it attracts the eye. Regardless of the size, a black diamond pendant will transform your appearance of unrecognizability, add a touch of luxury and special charm.

Black diamond pendantPendant with black diamond fashion

Design variations of stylish women’s black diamond pendants are endless – jewelry is made of both white and yellow gold. Stones can be of different sizes and shapes. The most popular is a round gold pendant with one black diamond – this design option looks mystical, it attracts the eye, fascinates.

Pendant with black diamond optionsPendant with black diamond style

Bracelet with black diamonds

Many men believe that graceful wrists are one of the most attractive and sexy parts of the female body, and in order to give sophistication and tenderness to your image, you should choose a beautiful piece of jewelry on your hand. One of the most suitable ideas can be a gold bracelet made of black diamonds, which is an indicator of refined taste and high social status.

Bracelet with black diamondsBracelet with black diamonds style

There are a lot of design options for a black diamond bracelet, but the most popular is an accessory in the form of a chain adorned with diamonds in a circle. The decoration looks elegant and sophisticated, while it is universal, perfectly fitting into any female image and harmoniously combined with any items of a modern wardrobe.

Bracelet with black diamonds variantBracelet with black diamonds design

Cross with black diamonds

One of the most popular types of pendants, decorated with expensive stones, is a golden women’s cross. Previously, such an accessory was exclusively a symbol of belonging to the Catholic or Orthodox religion, but now it is increasingly worn regardless of religion. Yellow or white gold with black diamonds looks stylish, catchy and bewitching, such jewelry will transform any female image.

Cross with black diamondsCross with black diamonds ideas

If you decide to present a cross with a black diamond as a gift to your dear person, you should first find out some points. From the point of view of esotericism, the mysterious and bewitching black diamond has strong magical properties, while the church is wary of such things. Therefore, you should not give such an ornament for baptism or with other religious meaning.

Cross with black diamonds optionsCross with black diamonds style

Ring with black diamond

A female ring with a black diamond has a particularly luxurious and catchy appearance, creating the image of a mistress, mistress. This decoration looks bright and massive, it will not allow your hands to be left without attention. The ring looks beautiful both in white and yellow gold with one or more black stones of an impressive size in the center.

Ring with black diamondRing with black diamond

Necklace with black diamonds

An integral part of the evening look of a luxurious and status woman has always been expensive jewelry with precious stones, emphasizing sophistication and dignity. A special place is occupied by products with black diamonds, such as necklaces. Which look unique, bewitching, attracting the eyes of others to a beautiful female neck. Modern options can be both laconic in the style of minimalism, and catchy, massive, with several stones.

Necklace with black diamondsNecklace with black diamonds

There are a lot of variations in the design of modern necklace models, but the central element in them is a large bewitching black stone. One of the popular ideas is a thin elegant chain made of white or yellow gold with a laconic wide ring adorned with black diamonds. Another design option that is popular is a necklace in the form of a cord, the entire length of which is decorated with miniature stones, and the price of such a product will be very high.

Necklace with black diamonds fashionNecklace with black diamonds options

Studs with black diamonds

For those who appreciate conciseness and practicality in the image, while not neglecting the luxurious and stylish look, earrings with a black diamond in the form of studs can be an ideal option. Such jewelry can look different – miniature studs with one or more black stones, as well as a more catchy design with various decor variations, are relevant.

Wedding rings with black diamondsWedding rings with black diamonds style

Wedding rings with black diamonds

The natural desire of many girls is to feel like a queen on their wedding day. The outfit and jewelry should be luxurious and impeccable, perfectly emphasizing the natural beauty of the bride and her exceptional taste. One of the main attributes of the wedding ceremony is an engagement ring, which is a symbol of a new family status, love and fidelity.

Wedding rings with black diamondsWedding rings with black diamonds ideas

One of the most expensive accessories for this day is black diamond wedding rings, which look very unusual, luxurious and catchy. As a rule, this is a flat wide ring of a classical shape, decorated in a circle with miniature stones. The black diamond can be combined with other stone colors, which gives the product a special sophisticated look.

Wedding rings with black diamonds optionsWedding rings with black diamonds stone

Black diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings are fundamentally different from the engagement rings described above – and are easily recognizable by their classic elegant design. Such a ring is a laconic simple form of white or yellow gold, in the center of which is a large and catchy black diamond stone. The jewelry looks very stylish and catchy, an unusual luxurious diamond gives it a special charm.

Black diamond engagement ringsEngagement rings with black diamond fashion

An elegant and sophisticated engagement ring has a simple design, but due to the high cost and luxurious look of the stone, it looks very catchy and bright. It looks beautiful in a casual look, focusing on graceful female hands. If you choose a tandem for it, for example, gold earrings with black diamonds, an engagement ring can be a beneficial addition to an evening or romantic image of a woman.

Black diamond engagement rings optionsBlack diamond engagement rings options

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