swarovski necklace

The Swarovski fashion house has been presenting exquisite and original jewelry on the world market for a very long time, complemented by incredibly beautiful and irresistible rhinestones. Despite the fact that crystals do not belong to precious stones, their sophistication and radiance is simply mesmerizing, which brought great popularity to the brand. Today, beautiful decor adorns both jewelry and accessories related to costume jewelry. Girls do not stop pampering themselves with exquisite rings, earrings, bracelets. And one of the most stylish decisions when choosing jewelry today is a necklace with Swarovski crystals.

Fashionable necklaces with Swarovski crystals

The Swarovski necklace is presented with original and unusual design ideas. It can be a massive and luxurious product, as well as a concise and discreet version, emphasizing fragility and elegance in the image. Let’s see which models of necklaces with Swarovski crystals are in fashion:

  1. Swarovski gold necklaces. Semi-precious stones look very original in gold jewelry. Jewelers offer jewelry with a scattering of small decorations, as well as large crystals framed with openwork weaves.
  2. Swarovski silver necklace. Exquisite rhinestones give incredible brilliance and radiance to silver products. As you know, silver jewelry is considered more of a budget choice. However, with the addition of Swarovski crystals, necklaces look no less luxurious and sophisticated than products made from more expensive metals. Jewelry with large precious stones combined with a scattering of small rhinestones, sets complete with earrings, as well as large crystals strung on a silver chain are considered fashionable models.
  3. Swarovski Stardust Necklace. A fashionable trend in jewelry collections has become products made of thin nylon mesh, intertwined into a tight tourniquet or braid and studded with small rhinestones. For such necklaces, designers often use Swarovski’s novelty – tiny Pixie crystals.

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